Benjamin Bayl



Benjamin Bayl conducts the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra (ARCO) in the finale of Mozart's beautiful Symphony no.39 in Eb.


"Benjamin Bayl is one of the few regular guest conductors invited to work with OSPA, who manages to give it its own personality and a better sound. He conducted an excellent concert of Schubert and Mozart; Bayl's way of understanding and conveying Schubert's music is, in fact, Schubertian. That is to say, direct and moving, infused with emotional variability based on melodic tenderness and fluctuating changes of tempi, modulations and expression. These features were apparent in the Symphony
No. 9 which tied the monumental and energetic with the subtle and poetic.
A picturesque performance, very full of color, well played and expressive

El Comercio

"We heard one of the most gripping performances of Messiah I can recall. The main reason for this was Australian conductor Benjamin Bayl… His primary aim was to make the music dance, and the musicians responded with infectious and lively energy… the final chorus concluded the most memorable interpretation of this work for many years."

Nordjyske Avis